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12 Terrifying Fictional Mirrors

There’s just something endlessly fascinating about a mirror – and something deeply troubling. Sure, you get used to them over time, but there’s no discounting that uncanny doppelgänger world on the other side of the glass.
We can’t help but attribute magic to the mirror world, as according to a 2005 study from the University of Liverpool, most humans don’t really understand how mirrors work.
So naturally they inspire tales of sorcery and darkness. Here are five fictional mirrors and reflective horrors to avoid at all cost.


Sweet dreams!

Badassery in a glass setting.


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"Positive" Murder Terminology


Strangulation: Surprise neck hugs

Stabbing: Chest-based metal contribution

Beating to death: All-over fist bumps

Death by chainsaw: Cosmetic torso re-arrangements

Drowning: Extreme baths

Burning alive: Emergency heat increases

Shooting: 9mm face presents

Cannibalism: Anatomical appropriation

Skinning: ultra-close shaving

Necrophilia: Necromance

Decapitation: long-term height adjustment

So many uses….

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